By Ismael AbduSalaam
Never one to disappoint his loyal fans, Queensbridge legend Nas has broken his silence about his no-show at a highly anticipated concert in Torbay, Newfoundland, located near the provincial capital St. John's.

This past Thursday (May 28), several fans were arrested after a mini-riot erupted due to Nas not making it to the venue after months of build-up.

According to Nas, the problems began as soon as he stepped off the plane.

"I had this show booked for sometime now and found it interesting to see St John's, Canada since I never had been there, and heard great things," Nas explained. "So we decided, let's do it real quick and get warmed up for Rock The Bells! So, I didn't expect no f**kery but was quickly reminded how things like this still happen to people in the game! [laughs] Bad business is bad business! Every now and again artists are asked to travel to another country to do their thing! But instead they arrive and are met by some strange people and instead of doing real business, these "JP's" (janky promoters) are saying they have insufficient funds!"

Attempts to renegotiate proved futile, as the promoters not only had no money for the show, but could not even offer their headlining artist hotel accommodations, leaving Nas and his entourage stranded at the airport.

"After 3 hours at customs and once I finally get to them I'm told they have an insufficient amount of money. Now I don't usually leave my crib unless all the business is handled first. But I love my fans in Canada so I said cool," stated an incredulous Nasir Jones. "But of course it wasn't cool. [They] had no paper and they cancelled our rooms and left us at the airport stranded. So what we had to do and did was get up out of there. But to all of Canada make sure you know I roll with ya hard!! It's all love."

With ambitious, self-styled promoters popping up everyday, Nas cautioned these potential entrepreneurs on the importance of handling business correctly, as they are reflection of the culture.

"My advice to wanna be promoters anywhere they are, take business serious," he decreed. "Learn about being professional. Always. It's very important to be real with people. Don't continue to pull these 1950 style ways of doing business. Its wack! Anyway, thanks for your time people . Rock the Bells coming soon! Get ready, headlined by myself and Damian Marley. With our joint LP soon to follow!"

Nas and Damian Marley's Distant Relatives is due to drop on June 23.

As of last month, the two were fielding possible contributions from Stevie Wonder, DJ Khalil, Large Professor, Young Jeezy, Alchemist, and J.R. Totem.

The 2009 Rock the Bells tour will begin June 27 in Chicago at the First Midwest bank Amphitheatre.

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