Nate Robinson Still Has Eyes on NFL Career If NBA Loses Season to Lockout

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Oklahoma City Thunder guard Nate Robinson said back in October that he would like to pursue a career in football if a lockout occurs in the NBA. That lockout has indeed occurred, and Robinson is sticking to his word.

The former Celtic told SLAM Magazine that he is considering trying out for NFL teams if the NBA lockout consumes the entire season.
"I might go play football," Robinson said. "Do something that nobody"s tried to do. ... I've been doing a little bit of training."

Before quitting football to focus exclusively on basketball, Robinson put together an impressive resume on the gridiron. He was named Washington 3A Player of the Year as a running back/wide receiver his senior year of high school, amassing 1,200 rushing yards, 500 receiving yards and 21 touchdowns, and originally attended the University of Washington on a football scholarship as a cornerback before switching to basketball after his freshman year.

If he does make a run at the NFL, Robinson would like to return to the offensive side of the ball, where he believes his true talents lie.

"I honestly think if I'd have played my natural position, running back [in college], I would have still been playing football today," Robinson told the Boston Globe back in October.

The current NFL lockout seems to be -- hopefully -- nearing an end, but Robinson said that on the rare chance that both leagues lose their seasons, or if a football career doesn't pan out, he will join the ever-growing group of NBA stars planning to play basketball overseas.

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