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Psychosis Slim makes music which represents all the underdogs in life. He's not looking to please the mainstream. He's trying to stand up for the little guy and use his music to vent some of the frustration life brings us. I'm sure many can relate to that.

Slim left home at the early age of 17, he joined the Army and now has 3 years under his belt and is currently stationed in Hawaii. At 20 years old Slim is a husband, and a father to their 5 month old son.

This single "Verses of Vengeance" is from his new mixtape titled "Everyone's a Psycho". Verses of Vengeance is produced by Boundless Beats, and appears on Dj Smoke - Smoked Out Radio 48 hosted by E-Reign. Psychosis Slim is making a name for himself and he is an artist you need to check for!

Never hesitate to reach out and contact Psychosis Slim via email: psychosisslim@gmail.com, or Twitter @Psychosis_Slim. Make sure to stop by his site and sign up to his e-mail list on psychosisslim.com before you leave!

LINK: http://www.audiomack.com/song/dj-smoke-mixtapes/vengence

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