New Petition Asking Jay Z To End His Partnership With Barneys After Discrimination


New Petition Asking Jay Z To End His Partnership With Barneys After...

After news stories broke of two separate young black people being discriminated against at Barneys, fans have turned to to file a petition for the rapper to end all business ventures with the high-end store.

Yesterday a 19-year old black man, Trayvon Christian, purchased a $349 belt at Barneys in NY and was later stopped by a police officer after a store clerk phoned 911 and reported him for suspicion of fraud. Today, a second story involving a black female, Kayla , emerged after the young lady purchased a $2,500 Celine from the same business. After she left the store, she was surrounded by four cops three blocks down the street who demanded to see her I.D.

As you may imagine people are furious which caused one man by the name of Derick Bowers to start a petition for Jay Z to "end all partnerships with Barneys New York." The rapper has a limited edition Holiday collection with Barneys New York.

"Barneys lacks any connection with the black and hip-hop community. And without his vast wealth and brand power, they would see him the same as they see Trayon Christian. Jay Z should be appalled by Barneys actions, and withdraw all support from them. If he does this, he will send a clear message to all corporations that are like minded, that this behavior cannot be tolerated any longer." said Bowers.

You can sign the petition here.

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