News: Joe Budden Ignores MC Shan, Maino & Saigon Disses, "It's A Long List Of These N*ggas" [Video]

Joe Budden has decided to abide by his "no comment" rule by opting out of responding to recent disses made by Maino, MC Shan and Saigon in relation to his publicized assault over the summer.
Claiming he has too many positive other things going on, Budden said he no longer feels a need to go at emcees with responses.

"Before I was on some dissing n*gga sh*t, I ain't really have nothing to lose," Budden said in a recent BlogTV broadcast. "I was already the underdog, I was already doing my whole Internet thing -- now? Nah, not so much. Haystack? Nah, no comment. Maino, no comment. Saigon, no comment. MC Shan, no comment. It's a long list of these n*ggas. No comment, just make music. Y'all do y'all, I'm doing me. I don't have anything negative to say about anybody. French Montana, no comment. You gotta just kill n*ggas with f*cking success." (World Star Hip Hop)
Maino said Budden did not handle his assault situation as "a man" in an interview earlier this month.

"Listen, it's rap sh*t my n*gga, if you ain't peep that this WWE sh*t is going on, then you bugged," Maino said in an interview. "Like, look at what these n*ggas is doing, you got n*ggas with ice packs on their eyes making blogs. Like, if you got punched in the f*cking face, then you go on a DVD and put an ice pack on sh*t like 'Yeaah, I want a fair one.' Like, what kind of sh*t is that? Real talk, that don't make no sense to me, as a man. Now listen, okay thug life, okay Tupac, I feel you, but listen. I'm not saying I'm this and I'm that, but I'm just saying as a man, I couldn't do that. If I let a n*gga punch me in my face, I'm not gonna go on a blog and ask for a fair [one], I can have a fair one right then and there -- or I wouldn't be talking about it...I'm just saying, that's not what I do. I think it's foolish, I think that's h*e business. You know, ice packing it..." (Topic Of Your Convo)
Shan also clowned Budden for being attacked by Raekwon's camp.

"If you see Joe Buddens in the street, just slap him in the back of the neck 'cause he's so full of it," Shan said in an interview. "He's trying to use the Internet, there's nothing wrong with it, but when somebody punches you in your eye and puts it on film and makes you apologize, quit. Quit -- most of the time you outnumbered. I would have took the punch in the eye, right, but forget about me apologizing. You already punched me in my eye, picture me apologizing. I better not catch one of y'all by yourself -- Joe Buddens does a show on BlogTV, I used to do shows on BlogTV. You can go on there and watch his videos and see how corny he is. Joe Buddens, I don't care, I'ma see you and if you wanna pop off, that's what it is. But I'ma be by myself, so it's gonna be a one-on-one. So if either one of us get an eye jammie we ain't gonna say the crew did it, n*gga. Understand me? 'Cause I don't like you anyway -- Joe, from your man MC Shan, the battle n*gga, you ain't nobody, relax bro. You made one record." (Street Disciplez Radio)
In addition to accepting the blame for other emcees going at Joey, Saigon also said he was disappointed Budden did not defend himself when attacked.

"You gotta kick a dog while he's down? [laughs]," Saigon said in an interview with Ms. Drama. "You got to kick Joe Budden while he's down? [You're] wrong for that. Joe Budden is going through a -- he's having a hard time...I feel sorry for Joe Budden, word, and he did it to himself. I was the first domino that did this to him. He should have not f*cked with me. He f*cked with me and his life ended. His career, his life, it was a domino effect. The second I did it to him, everybody felt like they could jump on. He regrets it. He got punched in the eye by six people [laughs] and he started apologizing. 'I'm sorry.' I was mad that he didn't fight back after talking about me when I went out like a hero, n*gga, it's six people." (Ms. Drama TV)
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