Another One Of Games Piru Homies murked.

Last year frogg this year gman

Froggs funeral last year

This was the day of @cbp_frogg funeral last year. A year later after @rackedupshawty told Big Frogg "it's okay we gone see him soon".... he gets murked. !! is UN-REAL !!!! Seems like everytime we tend to forget, we are yet again reminded that LIFE IS SHORT !!!!! Appreciate every breathe, for the next may be your last. All my lil homies, whether we been on good terms or bad... Just know I love every single one of you !!!!! #RIPGMAN #RIPTANK #RIPLILFROGG

Last year, my hood lost @cbp_frogg & that was a blow to not only his family, but me watching him grow up all those years & then all the lil homies who ran with him everyday & created GTD with him & lost him before it really got off the ground..... I know he's proud of how far the lil homies have progressed since his passing.... Still a shame though because before any of us could really get a chance to get pass the loss of Lil Frogg, barely over a year later @rackedupshawty a.k.a. G-Man is gunned down at the barbershop !!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even imagine why him no matter how many times I ask God & I keep wondering why it happens when one is trying to better themselves & live a more positive lifestyle than the one we grew up in. I never really know what to say when dumb !! like this happens so I won't ramble & I'll end it here by saying Rest In Paradise G-Man....... You told me & @youngfrogg2 at Lil Frogg's funeral that we would see him soon but I had no idea you meant this soon !!!!!!!!! Not the news I thought I'd wake up to & my prayers are with your entire family as well as all my lil homies..... I love all my niccas, y'all be safe out here !!!!!! #RIPGMAN #RIPLILFROGG #Gone2Soon #Compton #CBIP
BELLFLOWER ( — One person was k!lled and three others were injured in a shooting Friday night in a Bellflower barbershop.

The incident occurred about 8:25 p.m. at the Billionaire Barber Group in the 9500 block of Flower Street, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

One man was pronounced dead at the scene. Three men were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. Their conditions are unknown.

No arrests have been made.

Homicide detectives are investigating.

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