G.O.O.D. Music's Pusha T has confronted disgruntled affiliate/rapper Consequence's claims that he jacked a few of his bars on a new record called "My God."

"He said that I stole his lines? Wow. Nah, I haven't really heard much about it. Everyone who's been hitting me up has been telling me how crazy this song is. I don't know. I mean, I haven't taken anything from Consequence, or anybody else, for that matter. Just for the record. I've been in the studio with Cons, and we've talked, and numerous days we've laughed, and...I don't know. I missed that one. The way I've got to look at it now: I don't even know if that's for me. I can't even believe anything like that's for me, very honestly. I mean, until, you know, he told me something like that. I don't know what everybody else has got going on, but 'My God' is an awesome record. [Laughs.]" (Complex)

Cons subliminally called out the "My God" record last Saturday (February 12).

"I have inspired so MANY... N*ggas keep emulating my yesterday FLOWS LOL," he  February 12th.
"'My God' I wish these CLOWNS would stop stealing my lines..."
"From certain Rappers I expect a Higher Standard..." (Consequence's Twitter)

Pusha dropped "My God" late last week, the lead single off his upcoming solo mixtape, Fear of God.

Pusha-T's "My God" was actually posted late Friday and has spent its time since bouncing from emphatic hip-hop blog co-sign to emphatic hip-hop blog co-sign ... and, now, predictably, to an emphatic Vulture co-sign. Pusha's spent over a decade standing out, whether on Clipse tracks or random remixes or critically acclaimed smash Kanye singles. But this is his first time, officially, as a solo artist. He does not fumble the opportunity. (New York Mag)

After Cons dropped "Man Purses" allegedly going at G.O.O.D. Music last year, Pusha shared his reaction to the unexpected diss.

"I heard it, but [then] I look at Consequence and I think about the history him and that whole G.O.O.D. Music family has together and Kanye [West] and so forth," told interviewer Karen Civil about "Man Purses." "If it's even anything at all, I look at it as a spat. It ain't nothing. I don't know, I don't really know how to look at it." (Karen Civil)

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