Pusha T Says Beef With Lil Wayne Is "Not A Real Issue"


Pusha T Says Beef With Lil Wayne Is "Not A Real Issue"

Pusha T explains why he went at Lil Wayne during his verse on Ludacris' track "What They Mad At."

Pusha T hasn't been shy about dissing Lil Wayne on records, most recently going at the Young Money captain on the Ludacris track "What They Mad At," also featuring Swizz Beatz.

During an interview with ThisIs50.com, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper downplayed the beef, insisting that he has no real issues with Weezy but felt compelled to respond to jabs in his lyrics and on social media.

"Let's not get it twisted. It's not a real issue. I do a lot in response to what they may say and other members of the may say," he said. "You gotta remember, it's really only me acting, and they go on all different mediums, whether it be records, whether it be Twitter - they do all of these things. So me, I just choose to keep it Hip Hop and keep it on wax and choose to keep it in the spirit of good raps and good verses."

With "Tell Me What They Mad For," the Clipse member said that he had recorded tracks with Swizz before but was unaware that he had worked with Wayne on "Goulish," which began with the line, "Fuck Pusha T and anybody that love 'em." He decided to go in on Wayne on the Ludacris track as retaliation.

"I chose that particular record because just like you said, Swizz did that joint. He did ['Ghoulish'] and then he did this one. So I always said, when I come across a Swizz joint, I'ma black out like you supposed to black out," he said. "When I heard the 'Goulish' joint, I was like man, I heard about it and I was like man, I was upset. Me and Swizz had done records together. I ain't heard nothing about this, I didn't know nothing about it. But I was like OK cool, he did what he did. So I was like when I come across one, I'ma do my thing on it.

"It's nothing personal that's happened," he added. "It ain't no real problem."

Pusha T most recently dropped off his Wrath of Caine mixtape and is prepping the release of his solo studio debut My Name is My Name, impacting in May.



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