REVOLT CEO Keith Clinkscales Discusses Network's Future by CHRISTOPHER HARRIS

REVOLT CEO Keith Clinkscales Discusses Network's Future

“Anything worth building is tough," Clinkscales says.

The thought of a Hip Hop mogul creating his own cable television network may have seemed unimaginable in years past, but Puff Daddy’sREVOLT TV is nearing year two – and gearing up for the future.

REVOLT has recently partnered with Jaunt – an upstart company building both hardware and software – to deliver immersive virtual reality experiences to viewers.

Concerts held at REVOLT’s Hollywood studios and several remote locations will be filmed and broadcast using the 360-degree technology.

HipHopDX recently caught up with REVOLT’s CEO Keith Clinkscales to discuss the direction of the brand that declared, “The Revolution Will Be Televised."

“The main focus is to make sure we continue reaching the audience we’re going after,”Clinkscales says. “We're working on distribution,  and continuing to pay attention to the music. It's a great time to be in music. I love the folks that we’re reaching after. We just want to do a better job for them.”

The network was designed to provide millennials expertly curated music content, interviews, news and documentaries.  It has also served as an outlet for breaking new artists and new trends across a variety of music genres.

Complications concerning a merger between its original carriers – Comcast and Time Warner – have placed REVOLT in a tough position.

“Anything worth building is tough,"Clinkscales says. "You want to serve that audience really well. These younger adults that's we're going after, they're smart. They’re technology smart. They're musically smart. You have to make sure you respect them and you’re authentic. I think that's a challenge."

One week before the company reached its one year milestone (October 2014), Puff Daddy  announced a new alliance for the network with Verizon FiOS. The partnership was set in place to extend REVOLT's 25 million-plus outreach and combat the low ratings the company has suffered since its launch.

“The main part is to make sure we work hard at it," Clinkscales says. "Puff is around. He's fully involved, fully engaged and it's a pleasure to have him around.

"Visionaries are hard to come by," Clinkscales adds. "and he's been able to lay down not just a music vision but a marketing and broadcast vision."

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