Rich Homie Quan Addresses Rape Lyrics During "The Breakfast Club" Interview by VICTORIA HERNANDEZ

Rich Homie Quan Addresses Rape Lyrics During "The Breakfast Club" Interview

The rapper also discusses his friendship with Young Thug.

On "The Breakfast Club" today (May 20), Rich Home Quan addressed controversial lyrics in a song that leaked earlier this month.

"That was blown out of proportion, man," he says. "If you listen, it's just good music. It wasn't even supposed to leave the studio. It was a studio leak, so I apologized for it. It ain't what I'm onto."

On the leaked track, "I Made It Questionable," the Atlanta rapper says, "Don't want your ho, just want the cookie from her/ She tried to resist, so I took it from her."

He issued a statement saying that "I would never condone rape."

Rich Homie Quan also added his relationship with Young Thug, the rapper who called him "Bitch Homie Quan."

"It just throws me off," Rich Homie Quan says. "That's all, man. But I'm over it, just focused on myself right now."

Both rappers are often questioned about their sexuality because Young Thug calls Rich Homie Quan "bae" and "hubby." Rich Homie Quan says it's all a misunderstanding.

"You just got to get to know him, that's all," Rich Homie Quan says. "For him not to do interviews, so it's not like he's gonna talk and tell you why he says it. Once you get to know him and know what type of person he is, he's just different."

Back in March, Rich Homie Quan reportedly was involved in an altercation with a security guard at ... and the then escaped on a speedboat.  The Atlanta rapper shared his side of the story with the radio hosts.

"I ain't really 'posed to be talking about this, but this is 'The Breakfast Club,'" he says. "Yes, I did come to the club on the boat. The altercation with the security guard, I don't know nothing about that. The speedboat, I don't know nothing about that."

The rapper says the story was entertaining to him because he doesn't see how it was physically possible.

"I even laughed at the story," he says. "How, man? Look how little I am. How could I? Listen, they say the bouncer is what, 6'8", 300-plus pounds. Little bitty old me do that?"

The former Rich Gang member confirms that he had to turn himself in and charges were dropped to a misdemeanor. He says there is an ongoing civil suit.

Rich Homie Quan says that his new album is coming out in the fall.

Watch the full interview below

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