Rick Ross, Rakim, Juvenile & DJ Webstar Reveal Their Favorite Albums Of The Decade

As we move forward into a new decade, SOHH spoke with Rick Ross, Rakim, Juvenile and DJ Webstar to find out what their favorite album of the past ten years is.

The "Boss," could not answer the question without looking at the past two decades.

"Other than my projects that we released, in the last ten years, it would be hard for me to answer," Ross told SOHH. "But most definitely, a little longer than that, I think those were the last albums that really influenced me and just leaked into my soul. The Life After Death's, The All Eyez On Me, The UGK Riding Dirty, I could even go further to Amerikkka's Most Wanted. Don't get it wrong, I listen to the music these days, but I won't necessarily ride to it." (SOHH)
Rakim had a bit more difficulty and came down to a few R&B album selections.

"For the past ten, that's a good question, that's a good question -- I don't know if I can give that to one person," Rakim admitted. "Well with rap, I kinda like different artists from different things and I don't know if it's a whole album with me. I think as far as music man, I like ground-breaking and it might not even be rap. If it's Chrisette Michelle's new album, if it's Jill Scott's album, I think albums should get a couple of years because it was incredible. It could be anything with me." (SOHH)
Juvenile, however, was quick to crown Nelly's Country Grammar as his top album.

"You gotta say Nelly when you go down to record sales," Juvie told SOHH. "Nelly did Country Grammar and that sold 9 million and I don't think anybody surpassed that because everybody else had double CD's. [50 Cent] also impacted his sales by having a double CD well not all the way through but he had a way where he packaged it to a double CD. So some of his record sales counted for two and that's kinda like tricking the system. He did have a great album but I gotta give it to Nelly because he got the Grammy's and all that in one sweep." (SOHH)
DJ Webstar stayed loyal to his hometown by choosing New York's 50 Cent and his debut, Get Rich or Die Tryin'.

"The biggest album, hmmm," Webstar thought. "The biggest album would have to be Lil Wayne's last album, no, Get Rich or Die Tryin'. I think Get Rich or Die Tryin' because he was so anticipated and if he would have had one wrong song on that album, it would have messed the whole album up. I think every song on that album was hot and he just did a great job at putting that album together. So I think, Get Rich or Die Tryin', 50 Cent had the most because he delivered when people was like, waiting for you." (SOHH)

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