In his “Man of the Year” cover issue of The Source, Ross discredits the way Jeezy handled the whole situation as not being G.";);">
Has the phone call between you and Young Jeezy take place yet?

Nah. That hasn’t happened. It’s nothing I’m looking forward to.

You guys have worked together before. It seemed the camaraderie between you two was genuine.
The last summer he put out his own “B.M.F.” freestyle, but told me personally it
wasn’t abbot you. Did you feel disrespected?

I’m not sure what was going on. [the freestyle] was most definitely [disrespectful], whatever it was.
Then the explanations seemed sideways, less than G.

What’s more surprising; a diss records by somebody you were cool with or by somebody you
don’t know?’

It’s most definitely when we always touching distance from each other. I’m tight here. It’s not like I’m in Miami and you in New York.
We see each other. That’s the only issue I had. It was sideways. So i made a
record, “Summer’s Mine” just to [let him know], if we gonna play that sport,
let’s put it on the table like men. If it was just a freestyle that the world
took the wrong way, leave it alone. That’s how I took it.

An added twist is that you and Jeezy are both on Def Jam. Did you ever get a call from
L.A Reid saying “Hey, let’s not let this get out of hand?”

Nah. I don’t accept those kinda calls. I think they know that would have been an
exercise in futility. Whatever it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be. If we gonna get
money, we gonna get money. If it’s pressure, just put it on the table. I feel no
way. I had nothing but love for the homie, but if me getting money in the
streets or making music offended you, I can’t help

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