Shyne Calls Out Rick Ross & 50 Cent, "I'm About A Dollar, What The F*ck Is 50 Cent?"

New York rapper Shyne has lived up to his word by releasing a new record called "Belize" which takes subliminal jabs at 50 Cent and Rick Ross.

Within the track, Shyne reflects on his life in Belize while also calling out Ross' former employer as a corrections officer and taunting 50 Cent's rap alias.

"I be smoking trees in when they find me," Shyne raps, "Dude, dude, did everything he said, I'm about a dollar what the f*ck is 50 Cents...They want to know what
I'm up to, sh*t, I'm living like I'm accustomed -- in and out of
customs, what the f*ck you thought fool, I'm a hustler, no, no, no, not
the CO, bro, bro, it's the C-E-O..." ("Belize")

The song also features samples from Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G. and Bob Marley.

Shyne is ready to get back in the spotlight and tomorrow will be world premiering the formerly incarcerated MC's new song, named after his South American homeland, "Belize" Featuring posthumous
appearances from former Bad Boy label mate The Notorious .,
Jay-Z and Bob Marley, "Belize" finds Shyne Po rhyming over a laid back
sample of the reggae legend's track, "Sun is Shining." (XXL Mag)

Despite Shyne's jab, 50 Cent previously said he was not tempted to engage in a beef with the rapper.

"You gotta come with something. For you to even be on that radar, like Shyne when he has something to say. I'm not responding to that because it's not good enough. The material is not even good enough
for me -- I would jump out there just because I felt like I was being a
part of hip-hop culture, competing but if you look at it and say who's
really in a position to say something, I shouldn't even be listening to
him." (YouTube)

Last year, Ross talked with SOHH about his admiration for Shyne.

"I can't wait," Ross said about Shyne's release. "You know that last album, Godfather Buried Alive, sh*t was hard. Sh*t was hard and not to mention his first album, when he first came out. The Barrington Levy sh*ts, some of my favorite records right there and just everything he represents, his love for it. He handled his business like a 'G.' He went
and handled his business so it is what it is. He's got a lot to come
home to, he most definitely has the streets waiting for him and he most
definitely get anything he needs on this side from you know, n*ggas like
us." (SOHH)

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