Snoop Dogg Co-Signs 50 Cent's Business Skills, "He Fed Everybody Already"

West Coast rap veteran Snoop Dogg recently praised 50 Cent for his effectiveness in handling both his own career and the careers of artists on G-Unit Records.

Having collaborated with 50 since the beginning of his career on "P.I.M.P," Snoop pointed out how the rapper has remained loyal to his past and present artists.

"50 Cent is a motherf*cking entrepreneur man," Snoop told DJ Whoo Kid. "That young man is a business man. You know I knew him from the beginning when he first come in. He's trying to find his niche to what he's doing [but] he done outgrew everything around him...He fed everybody already. He made sure everybody ate, he rapped on everybody's sh*t, he promoted everybody, he sent n*ggas on the road, he had me rap on everybody's sh*t, come on n*gga. Even Spider Loc...He set them n*ggas up so if he don't ever rap with them n*ggas again, they still supposed to be straight. That's why nobody can say how unfair [he is]. He played fair, I been with n*ggas that played fair, Master P was a fair n*gga. He played fair and made sure everybody ate..." (Radio Planet TV)
Lil Scrappy, who teamed with 50 for the promotion of his Bred 2 Die Born 2 Live, recently talked about why the G-Unit leader would likely not allow Young Buck back into his camp.

"Buck is my homie; he's like a big brother you never had," Scrappy explained in an interview. "50 is also a big brother you never had. I was around both of them when they would talk about each other love-wise, and that sh*t just flipped, which is what money does. 50 is a real dude. He didn't have to do any of that sh*t for none of us. Young Buck and Lloyd Banks were the first ones. I didn't really get the love that they got. 50 thought they were his babies and if you talked to him, he would tell you that. Buck just saw me in the same situation that he was in, when he got shot up and ain't nobody f*ckin' with him. I just talked to him like three weeks ago, and he said keep doing what you're doing, and I was like I appreciate everything he did for me. And I'm out here grustlin' and if we can make a hit record again, we can do it. Buck and 50 beefing is like two brothers beefing, and they ain't never going to talk to each other again, but it ain't that beat though. They will probably get over it one day, but I doubt it just because its disloyalty. [You've] got to be loyal. Look at Lil Wayne with Cash Money: he was loyal and look where he's at right now." (Hip Hop DX)
Aside from his business skills, New York rapper Saigon recently co-signed Fif's street credibility.

"Sha Money XL introduced me to 50 early in his career," Saigon revealed in an interview. "We sat down and chopped it up. I was actually G-Unit'ed out at one point. I was running around screaming that sh*t and all that. Like 'G-Unit n*gga!' 'cause me and Fif chopped it up...But we had a falling out, we both Cancers -- so as far as us being alpha-males, it's hard to co-exist around that n*gga. A lot of times it's his way or the highway. We kinda bumped heads, early...He never attempted, I never attempted to fix it. But to see him succeed, I kinda felt like I was succeeding...That n*gga Fif was like us, he's a goon, he's in the street, he wasn't no studio gangsta n*gga. He was a real n*gga, so for him to make it outta that -- seeing him make it out of that was kinda like gratification for me in a weird way...Sha Money is my manager now and Sha Money still works with Fif and if Fif ain't want that to go down, it wouldn't happened." (Rap Radar)
He has also received props from Raekwon who applauded the rapper's This Is 50 Fest last month in New York.

"That's something that he did that was a great move," Raekwon explained in an interview. "It's like New York n*ggas, this is what we never ever try to do because it's hard for n*ggas to get past certain things, yo, we gotta stop that. We got kids, man, and at the end of the day your legacy's gotta be great. It gotta be something that stood on something positive so your kids could talk about it later on when they get older. So yeah, I applaud that, for that n*gga to go and invite n*ggas through, that was a gentleman's move." (Absolut TV)

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