Tech N9ne Details Collaborations With Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & B.o.B by HENRY MANSELL

Tech N9ne Details Collaborations With Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & B.o.B

“It’s like I had this Dracula idea,” Tech N9ne says of his “Fuck Food” record featuring Lil Wayne and T-Pain.

Just shy of two weeks after announcing that Eminem would feature on his fifteenth studio album,..., Tech N9ne spoke with HotNewHipHop to breakdown some of his biggest collaborations so far, including his work with B.o.B, Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne.

First off, Tech spoke about his “See Me” record featuring B.o.B and Wiz Khalifa off his 2013 album, Something Else.

“The funny thing about ‘See Me’ is [that] it’s almost the same story as ‘Hood Go Crazy,’” Tech N9ne says. “I called B Rich, he sent me a couple of tracks [and] I choose them. When I heard ‘See Me,’ I said, ‘Who did this beat?’ They said, ‘Drumma Boy did the beat.’ I’m like, ‘Damn, Drumma Boy killed it. The bass is just humongous in that beat.’ And without no pulse there’s no life. It had a humongous pulse and I needed it. Once again, B.o.B lays it and I’m like ‘Ah, that’s beautiful, man.’ They don’t really see me because I’ve been doing this music for so long and trying to bang into people’s heads that I am the truth [but] they don’t really see me though all these years, so it’s perfect for me. [With] Wiz Khalifa, I kind of favor him because that’s my Mom’s last name… We linked backstage at Paid Dues and he told me, ‘Whenever you need me, I got you.’ And I said that would be the one to put him on.”

Later in the conversation, Tech N9ne detailed his “Fuck Food” collaboration with Lil Wayne and T-Pain off his 2011 album, All 6’s and 7’s.

“Ok, so now ‘Fuck Food.’ So after I did Tha Carter IV [and] when it was my turn to do my album, I sent him ‘Fuck Food’ and my peers were like, ‘Why would you get Lil Wayne [and] T-Pain on a song and call it ‘Fuck Food?’ [That’s] guaranteed no radio play. I said, ‘Because I have no choice but to bring them into [the] Strangeland.’ It’s like I had this Dracula idea… I had this dark idea for us to be vampires rolling in this old school, black drop, I don’t know what car it was… We would be scoping out women. Driving past the line at a club and then going into the club and just scoping out meat, sexual meat from women, fuck food. ‘Oh, she’s fuck food right there, I would eat her alive.’ When me and Wayne were talking in Rikers Island when I came out here to visit him, in the three hours we were talking we talked about our love for women. So when I got that beat, and I called it ‘Fuck Food,’ I knew it was something Wayne could speak on because we spoke on it before. I sent it to him and he sent it right back.”

Tech N9ne’s interview with HotNewHipHop, where he also talks about his collaboration with 2 Chainz, can be viewed below:

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