Clifford and Tameka were arrested late last night in Los Angeles after their Maybach was pulled over on Sunset Blvd. and the officers smelled the aroma of piff wafting from the vehicle. They were later released on $10,000 bail (which seems kinda steep for some trees), but I’m sure somebody from the U.S. Attorney’s office is going to want to holler at him about this. Not to mention that, to some folks, this will pretty much negate all of that new leaf turning over he was spitting during his weapons case.

via TMZ

Check out the booking documents here, courtesy of RadarOnline

UPDATE: T.I.’s Maybach was pulled over because they made an illegal U-turn. The cops then smelled the weed aroma and decided to search the car. TMZ is now alledging that they found methamphetamines and ecstasy in the car and that both T.I. and his wife might be facing up to a year (Tiny had been stopped for weed and ecstasy in the past.)

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