Grammy-winning producer Timbaland has stepped forward to clear the air on recent comments he made about late singer Aaliyah and, notably, apologize for name-checking R&B star Chris Brown.

According to Timbo, he never meant to offend Breezy after saying no artist could make a successful posthumous Aaliyah record.

"i want 2 publicly apologize 2 my lil homie @chrisbrown 4 my statements on revolt regarding the Aaliyah collaborations. i actually like," he tweeted July 26.
"the song wit him n Aaliyah, its just when you are talking about babygirl its a very sensitive subject with me. so the people who not only"
"worked with her but grew a bond so tight we are like family so im very over protective over her. I have mad luv 4 my dude @chrisbrown"
"a mother lost a daughter. a brother lost a sister. that is still grieving over her passing. it just a very sensitive subject."
"i just want the family to be respected" (Timbaland's Twitter)

Earlier this week, Tim said neither rap star Drake or Brown could win despite their love for the late musician.

"In music, people always say, 'I'ma do a song with Aaliyah.' It will never work. Chris Brown got a record; it won't work. Drake could do a record with Aaliyah; it ain't going to work. Aaliyah music only work with its soulmate, which is me. That's why when Drake did 'Started From The Bottom,' it was a totally different sound and Drake told me, 'I had to really battle with myself. I want to be the first person to change.' So when he said that, it's like, you're going to be around for a long time. I talked to big brother Jay[-Z]and said, 'Yo, we gotta embrace this young soldier. You got to embrace this guy. You got to put our arm around him and really like, try to add to the bloodline.'" (Revolt TV)

Chris Breezy broke the news of his Aaliyah track back in May.

HollywoodLife.com spoke to Chris on May 14 at the Bet Award nominations in LA, and HollywoodLife.com asked who collaborator X is, and he spilled the beans! "I'll reveal it now! I just actually shot a video and the song is dedicated to all my fans. Its called, "They Don't Know" and the song features Aaliyah! Never heard before vocals, all new stuff that has never been heard before, its something special for all my fans. I shot it in the hood, I wanted to bring both worlds together in the video and try to uplift the positive side of the community. I mean I come from Virginia, but everyone come from a broken home or broke, I remember when I was!" (Hollywood Life)

Last September, Timbo tried to place some context behind Drizzy's love for the late singer.

"I don't even know if it's an album, I don't think that's in the works. I don't know, I think it's blown out of proportion. I haven't spoken to Drake yet. I have a hard time just hearing her music," Tim said when asked about the reported LP. "[His obsession?] To me.....the tattoo part, did that man come in here and show ya'll. Like lift up his shirt, I mean they said pictures are online." (Hot 97)

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