Trick Trick Denies Robbing Rick Ross, "If I Wanted To Get Officer Ricky, I'd Get Em!"

Detroit rapper Trick Trick has stepped up to deny rumors and accusations which suggest he may have had something to do with Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross' tour bus getting burglarized in his hometown last weekend.

Trick Trick resorted to Twitter and set the record straight on the media gossip.

"I wasn't gona entertain this weak sh*t but, if I wanted to get officer ricky, I'd get em! Not tear up a tour bus! That's B*TCH sh*t! GSM," he tweeted July 23rd.
"U fake a** wanabe journalist kill me printin rumors! I ain't that kinda guy! If I want yo a** Beat its gettn beat! F*cc officer Ricky! GSM"
"I ain't got no problems wit dat n*gga. Since n*ggas in the D succ em off so well. I just let em succ em! I ain't no cocc blocc either! GSM"
"U MF's so quicc 2 put my name on some ole Hoe sh*t! N*gga This the Muthaf*ccin GOON SQWAD! We ain't in 2 the B*tch sh*t! That's 4 u kids GSM"
"I don't support tearin up the boy sh*t but I also Don't Give a f*cc either. Just leave my name OUT of that weak sh*t! I'm bout Dat Paypa!" (Trick Trick's Twitter)

According to reports, Ricky Rozay's tour bus got burglarized last Saturday (July 21).

Rick Ross' tour bus was left in ruins Saturday ... after a burglar (or burglars) broke into the massive vehicle, plundered thousands of dollars worth of stuff, and practically destroyed it in the process. Detroit law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Ross' camp filed a police report early Saturday morning, claiming the bandits made off with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, clothes, and other personal property. We're told no one was inside the tour bus when it was burglarized. Ross and his entourage were staying at a nearby hotel at the time. So far, there are no suspects. (TMZ)

Earlier this year, Maybach Music Group affiliate DJ Khaled's tour bus exploded.

Miami's DJ Khaled had to cancel a performance this weekend after the popular personality's tour bus exploded en route to the show. Khaled was slated to take the stage at the 2012 Grad Bash this weekend in Orlando, Florida, but had to pull out due to the mishap. "I'm sry I couldn't make it 2 grad bash it was out my control my tour bus caught on fire & blew up!" DJ Khaled tweeted. "The gd thing me & my team is ok!" (HipHipBlog)

Back in 2008, Trick Trick's crew attacked fellow Midwest rapper Yung Berg.

Rumors have circulated that Trick Trick orchestrated the attack in retaliation for previous comments Yung Berg made, disparaging the Detroit native as an MC and Detroit's rap scene as a whole. While Trick admits it was members on his entourage who carried out the attack, he claims to have broken up the assault and argues Yung Berg should have cleared his appearance beforehand. (The Vibe Source)

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