YMCMB Set Meek & MMG Up

Okay, you got the top two independent labels in the rap game. Cash Money been running this sh*t for years but here comes Ross & MMG putting out consecutive #1 albums with different artist, just looking like a force that can't be stopped.

So to destroy a camp, you must infiltrate it and the easiest way to infiltrate a camp is through there weakest link (Meek). He was already known to be disloyal & unstable, but the easiest way to blind a man is through a bi*ch (Nicki).

YMCMB got Nicki to pop that pus*y in Meek's face and he so lovedrunk, he telling her all the secrets. She over there feeding him bullsh*t and amping him up to go at Drake for the throne, indirectly tho so he wouldn't expect sh*t. Meek aint that smart anyway, but he really think she fu*king with him.

She did that lil beef sh*t with Taylor Swift and Meek was like chill. She came back at him on some "Real artist aint got no chill. You talking sh*t about how you better than Drake but you still smiling up in his face asking for features. n*gga STFU!" Then we got this:

We all know what Drake did to this n*gga.

Now it's looking like the walls of MMG are shaking. We ain't seen Ross take a loss yet, but this pus*y n*gga Meek might be the n*gga to give Rozay his first L. And if that happens, don't be surprised if you see Wayne & Baby reconcile, Nicki leave Meek and get back with Safaree, Drake back repping YMCMB.

Moral of the story: MOB

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