Yo Gotti recently sat down with Genius’ Rob Markman to break down some of the heartfelt lyrics on his song “Momma,” a cut that features on the rapper’s recently released album, The Art Of Hustle.

During the song’s intro, Yo Gotti raps: “Yeah, this might be the realest shit I ever wrote.”

Expanding on the aforementioned line, Yo Gotti said: “These are facts, this isn’t some shit that sounds good; it’s not a metaphor. These are actually facts, so this is the realest shit I ever wrote.”

Elsewhere in the song, Yo Gotti raps about living how his Mother taught him.

“Momma, I’m just living how you taught a nigga / Said I ain't raising no pussies, I got one daughter, nigga.”

“When she found out I was hustling, she let me know what comes with that. This Fed time, this state time and you gon’ do it. If you get caught with it, if you get caught up, you going to jail and you gon’ do your time, and you ain’t tellin’ on nobody. Ain’t no sucker shit going on. You gon’ be a man. You gon’ hold yours down and this how this shit go.”

At the end of the song’s third verse, Yo Gotti raps about purchasing Privé for his Mother.

“Momma, gave me the game and for Mother’s Day / I spent a million and a half for you on Privé / And you the owner I’m a worker / This shit yours do what you want to you deserve it / Momma.” Yo Gotti raps

“Privé is the restaurant I bought for my momma in Memphis,” he said. “We bought the land, the building. It took us two years to open it and we gave it to her for mother’s day. My momma love to cook, so it was like here goes something to do and you’re still gonna get your money. My momma and ‘em are still about their money. you can’t just give them nothin’, they still wanna go and get their own money. They’re true hustlers.”

To read the song’s full annotations, please visit Genius.

Yo Gotti’s interview with Genius, whereby he explains the meaning behind his emotive “Momma” lyrics, can be viewed below: