Young Money president Mack Maine has revealed his interest in expanding the Cash Money brand by looking to start another record label.

Comparing the initiative to music mogul Dame Dash's State Property branch during the late years of Roc-A-Fella,  said a game plan is in motion.

"You know how Roc-A-Fella had State Property; I'm actually in the process of starting a new label ... a sub-label, basically," Mack said of the still-untitled imprint that he will head under the Cash Money umbrella. "I want to make sure I put a few people out through that vessel instead of putting everybody out under the same label, which is hard -- but we're all one big family." (MTV)

Last fall, Maine opened up about his daily duties running the Young Money empire.

"I'm just gonna give you an example of today. I talked to Pharrell, tryna to negotiate for Tyga's album. He has four tracks on Tyga's album, so I have to make sure he gets paid for that. Tyga sent me his track listing today, so I'm sitting back trying to figure out in my head an estimated number like, "Is he gonna be over budget," basically. He has four tracks from Pharrell, one from Banner, a few features, so I'm calculating numbers in my head to see where he's at with that. Also, I'm on the phone tryna to schedule the events for Wayne's coming home party in Miami. We weren't gonna do one in Vegas, because we had a promoter guy and at the last minute he dropped the ball on it. Now a new offer came in for Vegas, so I'm trying to see what we're gonna do with that. I've been on conference call with Baby all day, texting back and forth, emailing trying to get that together. I wake up expecting the unexpected. I never know what tomorrow will consist of in total. I know I have a few things I have to handle, but I can get a call at any moment about anything. I'm also trying to finalize the Young Money debit cards." (XXL Mag)

A month prior, Maine discussed releasing debit cards featuring the likenesses of his Young Money roster.

"As far as the Young Money credit cards go, it is true. I don't have a definite date yet, but I should have one soon before the end of the week. But it is true, so make sure the fans and the people that are interested sign up. It's a pre-paid card. We're not starting it out with each member having their own card just yet. It's just pretty much a Young Money card and then we'll branch out to like Nicki Minaj pink cards, maybe having Wayne and Drake cards being like the black cards. You know, just different levels of it. Maybe have Twist and Chuckee for the younger crowd. We'll make sure each member has it as we learn the ropes." (Karen Civil)

In the meantime, Maine is overseeing Lil Wayne's upcoming Tha Carter IV album release.

Despite the album being pushed to June 14th, the official album artwork for the Young Money CEO Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV LP has hit the interwebs and has the net talking. Following on from the tatted up baby picture used for Tha Carter III, this installment of Tha Carter series features a slightly older version of young Weezy with his trademark tattoos added. Go Weezy. (Soul Culture)

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