Southern rapper Yung Joc has decided to become the bigger man and has opted out of a war of words against singer Raz-B's brother, Ricky Romance.

"@RickyRomance my prayers go out to you and your family. I'm not even gonna address you anymore cause its useless. What would I gain from it?" (Yung Joc's Twitter)

Released this week, Ricky's diss track attacks Joc's image and rap alias.

"Eh Yung Joc Strap man, you said you ain't got no problems with Ricky Romance and Raz-B my n*gga," Ricky says on the track's intro. "Well check this out my n*gga, I got problems with you. You can't come to the West Coast my n*gga. Your pass is revoked...We represent the West Coast. We don't f*ck with n*ggas who look like Miss Piggy. 'If you meet me in LA, it's going down.' B*tch a** n*gga. I came down to Atlanta -- y'all tried to set me up and sh*t. Shout-out to the Miss Piggy-looking n*gga. Yung Joc Strap." ("Yung Joc Strap")

Last week, Romance accused Joc of being responsible for an attack against his brother in Atlanta.

According to Ricky, Joc's security team stopped Raz in his tracks and refused to let him perform -- all because Raz publicly dissed Yung Joc in a song a few months ago. Ricky tells us he tried to help get his brother past the hired muscle ... but Joc's security wasn't having it -- and roughed him up pretty bad instead. Ricky claims he suffered some nasty cuts to his head during the melee -- before he and Raz were both forcefully thrown out of the Atrium Event Center. (TMZ)

Romance also hit up Twitter to call Joc out.

"Westcoast MuthaF*cka @IAMYUNGJOC Club Atrium the Security who did this sh*t, and Staff.F*CK YOU!!!," he  January 19th.
"Yall n*ggas set us up" (Ricky Romance's Twitter)

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